Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Web Hosting..My Top 3

Strugging to find the right web hosting provider for your online presence? In today's market, there are plenty of options to choose from...hosted or dedicated, Windows or Linux, free, cheap or expensive, just to name a few. Having spent years developing and hosting websites, I've come across a few gems that really make developing and hosting your very own website easy and fun...not to mention cheap!

Here are my top three pics for web hosting providers:
  1. GoDaddy.com
    Wordpress Hosting at GoDaddy.com
    I've been hosting monkshack.com with GoDaddy for years. In addition to their afforable and integrated domain name purchase options, they have great reliablity and exceptional customer service. Every issue I've encountered (either of my own doing or due to some unseen gremlin) has been resolved quickly and efficiently...that is actually rare in this day and age!
  2. FatCow.com
    A newer find for me, but their limitless web hosting really offers some incredible opportunities for individuals or small companies that are looking to break their web silence and begin harnessing the power of the internet to enhance communication, marketing and the services they offer!
  3. 1and1.com

    I've been experimenting with 1and1.com for almost a year now and find the wide range of services an incredibly valuable asset. The only reason I can't rank them higher is that the customer service is slow and novice users are really going to be challenged to take advantage of all they have to offer.
Coming soon...the best web applications to use for your own web site - be it personal or professional! Trust me, I've used them all and I'll help you avoid the pitfall that I've encountered along the way!