Friday, January 04, 2008

Vista Couldn't Make Me Upgrade, But Second Life Did

Yeah, I know, it sounds crazy. I've experimented with Vista (on Debra's new laptop, certainly none of my own computers), and after unsuccessfully trying to get SecondLife to run on it, I reverted back to Windows XP (thank you Dell for providing all of the drivers!). Debra was rather insistant about being able to access her SL account, despite the fact she liked the overall look and feel of Vista.

During my explorations, I found that most of my other systems were unable to take advantage of the new features in Vista (most specifically, the Aero interface). In addition, much of the software I used and have come to live by, simply wouldn't run on Vista as the companies haven't release Vista-compatible updates. So, I decided that updating to Vista just wasn't in the cards...yet.

Well, apparently, I hadn't counted on Debra's addiction to SecondLife. It dragged me right along with her. I tried not to succumb, but it is a fun diversion from the rigors of FL (First Life). And it fits well into the baby's downtime. When I tried to install it on my desktop, I found my graphics cards (yes, I do have two...two Radeon 9250s) weren't supported. That coupled with the fact that my desktop has been experiencing unannounced crashes that I haven't yet been able to resolve (a full rebuild of the system is long overdue), I decided it was time to upgrade. So within the next week or two, I should be able to actually run SecondLife...once I get the upgrades installed and the system rebuilt to my admittedly rigorous standards.

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