Saturday, March 22, 2014

Removing ACLs in Ubuntu

I'll admit it, I haven't figured out access control lists, nor do I need to. Or want to. Maybe someday that will change, but for the time being I'm quite happy living without them. That being said, I did run into a problem with one of my Zentyal servers where the ACLs became a problem and I needed to remove them.

In an effort to not embarrass myself any more than is absolutely necessary, I won't disclose how long it too me to figure out a) what the problem was and (more importantly) b) how to fix it.

The short fix, which I'm writing her so I'll (hopefully) remember is:

Removing ACLs

The setfacl -x  command can be used to remove ACL permissions by ACL rule type. The  for this command use the same syntax as the setfacl -m  command except that the  field is omitted because all rules for the rule type are removed.
It is also possible to remove all ACLs for a file or directory with:
setfacl --remove-all
To remove all default ACLs for a directory:
setfacl --remove-default

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