Monday, June 25, 2007

A Disposable Telephone Number? How Cool!

Have you ever wanted to give someone your phone number only to have second thoughts as the numbers spewed from your mouth? Maybe it was a new acquaintance, a distant relative (or sometimes a close one...) or maybe you just posted an ad on, but didn't want to have you're real phone number published for all to see.

Whatever the situation, its obvious (at least to me) that there are time when you really need to be reachable by someone, but you also don't want to ALWAYS be reachable by that certain someone. With the growing use of disposable email accounts (, - even offers them, how much more mainstream can you get?), doesn't it make perfect sense to use something similar for your phone number?

Granted, there are more laws and regulations that can protect you from someone stalking you by using your telephone number, but who wants to deal with the courts and the police just to admit you were stupid by giving out your phone number in the first place? Here's a great solution for everyone...check out more at!

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