Monday, June 25, 2007

Tumble This

I've been playing around alot lately with a number of content aggregators and presence-based web tools. Some of it comes from the fact that I write content in so many places, that its hard for anyone to find it - sometimes myself, too! I've also realized that I need to make be more of a focal point for accessing all of my published content. Now that there are homes on the web for everything from text to videos, I've really been trying to figure out a) which of the services that are out there do I like, and b) which ones might actually be around in three to five years.

It's harder than it sounds! At last count, I have something like eleven (yes, that 11, for those of you that are numerically impaired) blogs that I post content to. Crazy, right? Well, I try to keep the content somewhat localized within each of my blogs to help you, dear reader, only read what interests you (as if anyone's reading them anyway).

My latest addition, joining the ranks of Twitter and Jaiku, is Tumblr. I've added my tumblr to the MonkShack at Will someone please check it out and let me know what you think? C'mon, would one little, itty bitty comment hurt you all that much? I don't think so...

Scaredy cat, scaredy cat....
(what can I say, it worked in second grade, I figured it was worth a shot now!)

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