Saturday, June 30, 2007

My "New" iPod Mini

I have to say, my Zune now has some competition. At least for audio podcasts and music. Thanks to Keri's purchase of a new Apple laptop, which came with a free, new iPod, I have inherited Rachel's old iPod Mini. It's blue, to match my eyes, which I appreciate. But more importantly, I now feel affirmed in my original comparison review of the iPod and the Zune. The iPod is so much easier for podcasts and music, plus the battery life is so much better. The Zune still holds my heart for video podcasts and video content, despite its limited battery life.

I have to say, I wasn't too thrilled having to add iTunes to my workstation - it took almost 24 hours to sort through all of my mp3s and load them into the library. Maybe I need to cull my music collection...but I'm really bad with the delete button. Of course, I've always been bad throwing things away - that's why our garage is packed full.

I'm loving of my newest faves is net@nite from - give it a listen. Maybe it's just me, but Leo Laporte's voice is very soothing - I think he must have some reverb added to deepen it, but maybe it's all natural.

The one podcast I can't find is All Things Considered on NPR. I thought for sure they offered a podcast, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Anyone want to point to the link that is so obvious that I can't find it? Please?

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